The Pearl Abrasives CW0632A is a 6″ Slimcut Aluminum Oxide cut off wheel. It is 6″ x .040 x 7/8″ and is a T-1 style. Standard packing quantity is 25 wheels per package. They ship from Pearl Abrasives in a handy and durable plastic storage container. The design of the wheels offer long life and cool aggressive cutting. The CW062A is rated for use with stainless steel.

We have a customer that had been purchasing cut off wheels from another supplier. The vast majority of the steel they work with is stainless. They were sold a private labeled wheel based on price. After hearing about one of the maintenance techs going through 80 6″ cut off wheels in an eight hour shift, yes 80 6″ wheels, we offered them a better solution than the previous supplier. We sampled them a couple of the CW0632A wheels from Pearl. We started with these, as the most economical of the Pearl wheels that are rated for stainless steel. No sense of paying for the highest option if this one will work for their application. Matter of fact, Pearl also offers 5 additional versions of cut off wheels that are rated for stainless steel. After the trial run of these wheels, they now use the CW0632A and the CW4532A exclusively. The CW4532A is the 4 1/2″ version of the CW0632A. So while these do have a slightly higher price per wheel than they were paying for the other cut off wheels, they ultimately offer a lower cost and better value due to the performance and durability.

So whether you are cutting aluminum, steel or stainless steel, Pearl Abrasives offers a wide range of cut off wheels to suit any application. And here at Derby City Supply we stock the CW4532A and the CW0632A and many other Pearl Abrasive products. Call us today if you would like to see how well these wheels work.