Are you looking for sewer water jet hose? If you are, then you have come to the right place. Here at Derby City Supply, Inc. we stock a variety of sewer water jet hoses. We proudly distribute the industry leader when it comes to sewer hoses, Armor Belt Kuriyama Piranha sewer cleaning hose.

ARMOR BELT® Sewer Cleaning Hose by Piranha® Hose Products, Inc. features an innovative process that adds value to your sewer hose purchase by adding life to the hose. Armor Belt® hose is a must when the application calls for extreme durability while maintaining flexibility. It also improves cut and abrasion resistance. It’s the ideal hose for the demanding and harsh environment of sewer cleaning. The Armor Belt® process can also be added to other hoses manufactured by Piranha®.


  • Harsh Environments – Demanding sewer cleaning environments requiring additional abrasion resistance
  • High Pressure/Abrasion – High pressure sewer cleaning applications
  • Armor Belt® Service Temperature Range: -40ºF (-40ºC) to +150ºF (+66ºC)
  • Patented Armor Belt Construction – Increases hose abrasion and cut resistance for longer service life. Greatly increased crush resistance. Provides rugged and reliable service
  • Polyolefin Tube – Provides maximum resistance to hydrolysis
  • High Tensile Double Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement – Contributes to low volumetric expansion and eliminates loss of strength from moisture absorption
  • Polyether-Urethane Cover – Provides fungus resistance
  • Unique Construction – All hose components are chemically bonded to maximize hose service life
  • Optional Slither® Ultra Slick Cover – Design is also available; check with factory for details
  • Factory Assemblies – All Piranha® factory-assembled hoses are 100% pressure tested
  • Reel Installation – Ideal for truck and trailer mounted reels

Sewer Jet Water Hose Industry Standards

Orange cover is rated at 2,500 psi with a minimum burst psi of 6,250 psi
Blue cover is rated at 3,000 psi with a minimum burst psi of 7,500 psi
Green cover is rated at 4,000 psi with a minimum burst psi of 10,000 psi
Black cover is rated at 4,000 psi with a minimum burst psi of 12,000 psi
Red cover is rated at 5,000 psi with a minimum burst psi of 12,500 psi

sewer jet water hose

The sewer jet water hose is typically sold in 400, 500 or 600 foot rolls. We ship nationwide to municipalities and private contractors alike.