Lawn Care Spray Hose

We have some great options on replacement lawn care spray hose. 600 PSI is the most common for low pressure lawn care spray hose and pest control spray applications. Offered in PVC/Polyurethane blend reinforced or PVC spray reinforced construction.

Kuriyama Series A1661 600 PSI Lawn Care Spray Hose

We offer the 600 PSI lawn care spray hose in 3/8″ (06), 1/2″ (08), 5/8″ (10) and 3/4″ (12). The A1661 is a unique PVC/polyurethane blended core that provide excellent resistance to hydrocarbon-based lawn care and pest control chemicals. The A1661 lawn care spray hose is reinforced with high tensile strength yarn and the ribbed PVC cover provides abrasion resistance. The 3/8″ and 1/2″ are available in 300 or 400 foot coils. The 5/8″ and 3/4″ spray hose are available in 400 foot coils. The A1661 is available with a yellow cover. The service temperature range is +15°F (-10°C) to +160°F (+70°C).

kuriyama a1661

Series K4131, K4132 & K4137 600 PSI PVC Lawn Care Spray Hose

The Kuri Tec Lawn Care Spray Hose is made with premium quality PVC compounds that are ideally suited for lawn and pest control chemicals using wettable powder chemicals. NOT recommended for use with emulsifiable chemicals based on hydrocarbon carriers.These hoses are lighter weight than comparable sized series A1661 lawn care spray hose. The K4131, K4132 and K4137 lawn care spray hose is available in 3/8″ (06) and 1/2″ (08) ID hose size. All ID and colors area viable in either your choice of 300 or 400 foot coils. The K4131 features a yellow cover, the K4132 features an orange cover while the K4137 features a mint green cover. The service temperature range is +25°F (-5°C) to +150°F (+65°C).

kuriyama lawn care spray hose

As with all hoses, working pressure decreases as temperature increases. Pressure ratings can ONLY be obtained using proper coupling procedures.